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Get to Know Us

Ghetto Street, which represents the underground hip hop culture, was founded in 2022.

Our aim is to contributing the underground hip hop culture and support artists who feel they belong to this culture.

Genres: Instrumental Hip Hop, Boom Bap Beats, Lofi Beats.

What We Provide to Artists

For label release, we're looking for dusty boom bap beats.


1) Email the beat(s) to
2)Link must be a Google Drive link
3)Email subject: Label Release Submission
4) Beat title must be in "Artist Name - Song Title.wav" form
5) Master volume should be in the range of -12 and -14 lufs
6) The beats must be in the wav file format
7) The beats must be previously unreleased

Label Release Submissions

Spotify Playlists

Ghetto Street has playlists on Spotify in the genres boom bap beats, chill beats, and lofi beats.

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